A software for managing your marketing campaigns

pict_A software for managing your marketing campaigns

Artisanner meets most of the needs in the field of marketing prospecting:

  • it automates the import of new companies and contacts prospected
  • it manages new leads 
  • it allows you to organize multi-channel marketing campaigns
  • it enables effective marketing campaigns
  • it allows an essential fluidity of communication between the sales department and the management
  • it makes it possible to monitor and analyse the positive and/or negative points of a marketing operation

With Artisanner your marketing campaigns will be effective:

  • it will allow you to enrich your database by registering new leads and their origin
  • it will allow you to source new companies and contacts on social networks
  • it will allow you to add new contacts and companies to the software's database with a simple click
  • it will allow you to update company information, contact details, activity, workforce, etc. without duplicating information
  • it will allow you to import, edit and export lists of contacts and companies
  • it will allow you to structure a commercial monitoring
  • it will allow you to conduct telemarketing and automatically manage recall dates based on prospecting results
  • it will allow you to create contact lists for sending your emailings
  • it will enable you, thanks to its reporting function, to draw statistics, lessons and opportunities from each campaign carried out

Artisanner is a fully configurable software, its marketing campaign generation module is just as configurable and can be adapted to your specific needs in the management of your marketing actions.