Artisanner Price list

Artisanner is a daily basis digital support for business management and communication within your company. Based on a solid technical core, Artisanner is very well structured, organized and optimized for data management. It is an integrated solution where all the features of the Enterprise are on one platform and do not require any special infrastructure. Artisanner is to communicate easily and effectively, to optimize company’s management for anyone.

A permanent evolution

Our web platform is permanently evolving upon our customer requests and always up-to-date on a technological point of view. Evolutions are available for all at the same time. Site Templates evolution, in particular, for the module Catalogger are large in new functions and technical upgrade.

A right of use

Artisanner is a right to use the platform, a rental of a workspace on Artisanner’s servers that is a Subscription. This subscription includes annual maintenance, data protection and backup security.

A fixed cost

With a fixed cost, the Artisanner offer is financially affordable, for a SOHO or SME, because it is based on a shared development of tools and servers.

A 30-days trial period

You can use the platform for one month free of charge, on a standard setting. The final configuration will only be done once the final subscription is running.


Below is our prices grid for subscription and fees for the settings of the different modules of the platform. Prices are in EUROS.

Modules Yearly Rights of Use Settings
Catalogger 150 300
E-shop 80 850
Stock 80 120
Customer Relationship Management 80 120
Administration and Finances 80 120
Projects and Deals 80 250
Human Ressources  80 250
Third Party Access 80 120


The rights of use of the Platform are contracted for one year and are non-refundable, after the legal period of withdrawal.

The rights to use the different modules, Catalogger, e-Shop and Business Management System are based on this same principle. They are contracted for a year and are non-refundable, after the legal period of withdrawal.