The concept of the Full Digital Data Enterprise

Artisanner is a Web platform for Business Management and Digital Communication designed for companies wishing to build an information-sharing and communicative working environment. Artisanner is the concept of the “Full Data Digital Enterprise” that brings Small and Medium Enterprises, stores, store chains a web solution designed to cover the whole aspect of the digital communication and management using a technology so far restricted to large companies.

ARTISANNER integrates the most powerful tools covering all the management needs of a modern enterprise: digital support for sales, for customer, for invoicing, financial management, project monitoring, human resources,... But not accounting and payroll management. Artisanner is a Business Management Platform and not an E.R.P.

A Full Web Software

From the On-Line Release of your Digital-Store, thanks to its "Catalogger" Website Creation Tool, allowing you to promote products, services and know-how of your company, through the e-Commerce Interface up to defining work processes and covering all your business management needs, ARTISANNER is a complete solution dedicated to SOHOs and SMEs, who want to effectively manage and develop their business on a daily basis, without heavy infrastructure, without a department dedicated to communication and without a substantial budget.

A very flexible solution

ARTISANNER is a modular solution. The user can use it in a very simple way, as in a more complex way. The setting is done through an ergonomic Interface. The platform Artisanner allows to manage multiple establishments, it is multilingual and multi-currency.

A powerful Web Report Engine

ARTISANNER generates all the useful statements for the Companies' Heads. Artisanner is highly configurable according to the analysis needs of decision makers, department heads, sector heads...Invoices, quotes, activity reports, contacts, projects monitoring, turnover, staff list ... all the specific reports used for the business management are customisable for each company and are produced by the Platform .

An extended information fluidity 

Artisanner is designed for companies wishing to modernise their management processes in an information-sharing and communicative working environment.

The concepts of working environment, workgroup, data workgroup, are essential in the management of the global company business in the 21st century.

This also concerns SMEs. 

On ARTISANNER, all Company's digital data are centralised, available for all, according to the status of each and according to the manager needs. ARTISANNER is an integrated software program capable of managing every aspect of the business in a real sharing working environment. 

Artisanner is the perfect illustration of the concept of « Full Digital Data Enterprise ». It is designed to streamline and simplify the process of channeling and processing information. Its goal is to maximise the business management of your company.  

ARTISANNER is an exhaustive and effective internet-based tool, integrating all the tools required for the business management of your company, on a single platform.

ARTISANNER is a Guriansoft software which will developp full power to :

  • Properly sell the know-how and services of you company on the Web
  • Improving considerably the effectiveness of your management. 
  • Improving the profitability of your business. 
  • Optimise your time and allow you to focus on the heart of your business : expand it.

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