Why Artisanner

With Catalogger, your Digital Communication website + e-Shop the e-Commerce module of Artisanner integrated to retailing, invoicing and shop management + Business Management System, Artisanner is a unique online offer, on one single platform. 

Artisanner is a Software as as Service

With the aim of ensuring that company management is flexible and effective, our service software solutions are geared towards SMEs while featuring operating tools reserved until now for large companies. 

Human resources management - Project management - Files and business management - Work schedule management - Client, supplier and third-party relations - Invoicing - Stock management - Finance management - Retailing management - Individual and group agendas - E-Shop - Powerful Report generator - Security - Link to Open Office - Link to accountancy - Link to payroll system 

A unique architecture for an efficient management 


  • FLEXIBILITY: one month subscriptions for use on demand
  • QUALITY: integrated solutions covering all your management tasks
  • PROFITABILITY: by paying only when using, no more need to invest in buying and maintaining hardware and software

The originality and the advantage of Artisanner

Artisanner is a highly parameterized tool which will meet your needs in a simple and efficient way.

The Platform

Thanks to the platform integrating all the tools, time gains realized allow you to waste less time in administrative worries and to concentrate yourself on the major objective of your work, and to do this, wherever you are. By letting your employees input their personal and professional data, you make them responsible and implicate them into the life of your enterprise. Full digital Data's project management are also available to your partners.


Artisanner covers all resources management characteristics in an enterprise.


Artisanner is a tool highly parameterized. Thanks to it Web Report Engine, located in low layer, near the Kernel, it allows you to product easily all kinds of reports that you need, whatever is your working language.

Security is transversal

Integrated into the core of Artisanner, security is a primary benefit for this Web tool. The administrator defines the features available to each user according to the decision-maker's management needs, which according to the profiles allows access to certain types of datas, organize the filters and customize access to the datas.


You can input all the data concerning contracts, jobs and work time.


User can put in all the information concerning the manpower, the newcomers, the resignations, illnesses, trips, vacations, banks, families, projects and activities.


Thanks to this tool, a user can tailor his own dashboard and so consult, easily, all the data which he wants and define the statistics which will be useful for him.


This module lets an administrator define the users' profiles and their rights.

My datas

This module gives employees the access to all their proper datas. Personal datas, family information, bank datas, CV may be updated by employees via a server.

The Tracking System

Thanks to this module the employees make reports about their activities, taking into account the work organisation. This module considers the supplementary accomplished hours. At the end of each period, you can verify the spent time and prepare the facturation data.


Beyond its traditionnal functionnalities, integrating the agenda associated with the Time Tracking System makes it the best tool for the project managment and the cooperation with your partners and colleagues.

Enterprise directory

The employees have an access to the enterprise's directory. This enables easy access to persons who work in your department, in your branch,or for the entire enterprise.

Artisanner is not an E.R.P.

Artisanner is a platform that focuses on your Business Management. As a result, Artisanner does not deal with accounting or payroll. However, Artisanner prepares all the data that will be transformed and transferred to an accounting and payroll system.

Link to accountancy

Artisanner does not strictly address accountancy as such – Artisanner focuses on business management, the heart of your profession. All its features are configured to enable correct and precise communication of your whole range of buying and selling transactions to a large number of account management systems. Business management is our job ; accountancy is the job of your accounting agency. 

Link to payroll calculation

Artisanner does not handle payroll calculations, but it manages all the elements that most pay calculation systems require. Depending on the needs, this information can be sent directly or in folders.

Link to Open Office

Artisanner is keen to maintain communication with other tools, which is why we have built a bridge betwen Open Office, free tools and Artisanner. Our aim here is to enable users to access the data stored in Artisanner in correspondence, in reports or catalogues that the user can generate in real time with the use of templates and filters prepared by the administrator. 

Events, another Artisanner's tool, linked to Google Calendar

As a communication tool geared primarily to communication within the company, Artisanner includes personal and group organisers. With this tool, you will manage and share your company’s events with anyone of your choice. In your calendar, you will find events such as :

  • Tasks
  • Business travel
  • Events
  • Vacations
  • Your to do list

By the end, Artisanner is a Full Web Solution very affordable. We aim to explain why Here


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