A Report Engine that detonates

pict_A Report Engine that detonates

A management software designed for VSEs and SMEs

Its Full Web technology, Artisanner is a business management platform that allows you to connect anywhere and from any workstation, 24/7, you can submit the follow-up of your business to it.

  • he will do your invoicing
  • he will draw up the estimates
  • he will manage leave and expense reports
  • he will calculate the time spent by each employee on each task or business to know your profitability
  • thanks to its Report Engine placed in its core, it will produce all the reports you need to allow you to grow your business.
  • it will standardize the follow-up and control of the work of your teams, who will all use the same tool
  • it makes it easier for you to access all your elements and documents available at any time. Updated and sent to all those who need it at the time T.