Improve the automation of your company's internal processes

pict_Improve the automation of your company's internal processes

Artisanner is an ERP for business management, full web and SaaS mode.  

  • A browser-style tree structure, standard web application ergonomics: all users will easily find their bearings
  • Adapted to your business: Artisanner is a fully customizable software that will meet the specificities of your business or the different businesses involved in your company's activity.
  • Artisanner will allow you an automatized Management of all your work processes internally and with your suppliers. 
  • An efficient management of all your employees who can know in real time, and according to their degree of responsibility in the company, all operations and files in progress.

Thanks to Artisanner you will be able to see that:

  • You and your employees will save time! The centralized and shared information in the company will allow more autonomy and less round trip between your employees.
  • You will be able to automate the processes you need to increase the efficiency and professionalism of your company
  • You will have global visibility in real time of all files and be able to share information between all your collaborators.
  • You will be able to interface your ERP Artisanner with an accounting software

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