About artisanner

The design of ARTISANNER is the ultimate step of a reflection begun in the 1990s. Guriansoft today offers the quintessence of its experience and its know-how in Business Management through this Web Solution illustrating our concept of "Full Data Digital Enterprise".

A long story

It begins with ALLIX, developed by Guriansoft. This software for HR Management developed in terminal mode was a very functional application. Yet ALLIX did not find its target at the time. The lessons learned had highlighted that each company asked for a specific setting, each company had very specific requirements in terms of reports and reporting, depending on its area of activity, the legal-social context of the company, geographical location, etc ... ALLIX had shown its limits on its reporting function, which is essential for companies.

In the early 2000s, the second version of ALLIX, more graphical this time and proposing configurable states was sold to customers. A success of esteem, but relative, because once again, its function of reporting and its production of states was too limited and not enough evolved. Based on a client-server architecture, ALLIX was a client application connected on a local network to a database server.

That's why in 2006, Guriansoft went back to work, this time with the specific idea of developing a Web Report Engine that can satisfy all companies in the production of parameterizable states. The architecture was designed so that this powerful WRE is in the lower layers of the code, close to the kernel. ALLIX was this time intended to be used via browsers Web  for applications hosted on servers.

In 2011, the building of the first version of ONE BEEZ, a Full Web platform integrating business layers (HR, Billing, CRM, Banking, Project Management) and this Web Report Engine became the real building base of ARTISANNER.

Artisanner is a unique offer on the Web.

This Business Management platform is the quintessence of all Guriansoft's experiences and knowledge. A Full Digital Data platform that integrates the most powerful tools needed for the business management, to which we added a dimension of Digital Communication with Catalogger, the tool for creating a Digital Store backed up by a module of e-commerce, all integrated On A Single Platform and On-Line.

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