Platform's modules

avatar_Administration & Finances

Administration & Finances

All the functions related to company administration are on Artisanner and provide support to perform administering sales and purchases, managing stock, relations with customers and suppliers ;the management of bank accounts and the administration of customer and supplier payments; links with accounting and payroll; VAT ; Legal documents as well as relationship management with other organizations.

avatar_Catalogger Back-office

Catalogger Back-office

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avatar_Catalogger E-Shop

Catalogger E-Shop

Whatever you have to sell, you can sell it on the Internet! This is why Artisanner has developed an e-Commerce solution adapted to the needs of SMEs. With your Catalloger, the Artisanner website module, combined with the Artisanner e-Shop module turn your digital store into an e-Commerce site. Connected with Artisanner’s Business Management system, your customers buy your products and services online, and allow you to have an operational management of your stocks, your invoices and your payments in real time.

avatar_Customer § Supplier Relationship

Customer § Supplier Relationship

Customer relationship management is one of the most important points in the business. It is the customers who support SMEs. Artisanner attaches particular importance to this module which will evolve according to the demands of users.

avatar_Human resources

Human resources

The most valuable resource of any company is its human potential. Planning and managing this human asset in terms of career evolution and on-going evaluation is of utmost importance.

avatar_Project & Deals

Project & Deals

This module is specially designed for companies that sell services or intellectual performances. It therefore offers efficient management tools for the everyday control of projects. All related actors are able to access in real time the data which concerns them and thereby optimize their efficiency.

avatar_Stocks Management

Stocks Management

This module covers the logistics management needs in companies with one or more warehouses and one or more retail shops in one or more locations, in one or more different countries.

avatar_Catalogger the Digital-Store

Catalogger the Digital-Store

Communication is at the heart of the business and is the driving force behind commercial action. Today the communication is digital, it goes through the Internet and websites. The SME, to exist, must communicate. This is the main goal of CATALOGGER, the digital communication tool of the platform ARTISANNER.