Artisanner & Virtual Assistant

Guriansoft provides services around products published on the Artisanner platform.

Guriansoft offers assistance in setting up your Digital Store Catalogger and a monthly update of the contents of your sales support tool, at your request.

Guriansoft also offers assistance in getting started with the Artisanner Business Management software as a whole.

For Catalogger

Assistance in writing and presenting the products and services of your Digital Store.

"Good words, good pictures," a formula which sounds ever heard, but that is so true! The presentation texts of your services and your products are the key to a good SEO and a quality sales pitch.

Writing your web content

Our Web Editorial Department interviews you and collects all the information necessary to write the texts of your Digital Store: description of your activity, key points that shall be explained, keywords to favor, tone to be adopted, target of the site...Then we write with you unique and optimized content.

Formatting the pages of your digital store

Highlight your photos, place your texts, give a striking rendering to a web page, it is a web integration work that our team masters to perfection and realises for you. The goal is that the user is captured by your Digital Store and seeks to know more about you, your products and your services.

Assistance Administration of your site

Most websites are not up to date. The reason is double, lack of time and forgetfulness of "how it works". For those who have the time and who will remember the "how it works" our administration tool will allow them to update the content of their site.

Guriansoft provides monthly or one-off support for this update work using the same operating model as for setting up your Catalogger.

For Business Management

For Updates of your business info, tariffs, contracts, diaries, invoices, address books, etc ... Guriansoft offers its Virtual Assistance. You provide all your data, and we take care of integrating them into your Artisanner Management Space. Real small hands of your company, our specialized staff do this job for you, in a remote secretary way.

Communication tools

We aim to have direct contact with our customers. That's why Guriansoft equips its workstations with Web-conferencing system that allows you to be in direct contact with your account manager, who knows you and who speaks your language. Email is also widely used in Virtual Assistance Processes.

We also offer Technical Assistance via the tchat during the opening hours of our Tbilisi offices between 10.00 and 20.00 (local time).




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