A full web platform dedicated to project and business management

pict_A full web platform dedicated to project and business management
  • Artisanner simplifies the management of daily activities.
  • it has a set of tools to allow a collaborative and fluid work within your company, it is a huge advantage in a company.
  • Artisanner - Project Management was designed to plan and monitor the progress of your business projects, missions and all files related to your project.
  • he follows the tasks and exchanges with all the actors of the Business project, he manages the files and their profitability, follows the progress and the invoicing of the operations carried out.
  • Artisanner project management software is multi-entity, multi-currency and multi-lingual.

The functions of Artisanner - Project Management

  • it assigns tasks to your employees according to their position and availability.
  • he plans on a daily basis or over longer periods, by the week, by the month.
  • Its Gantt chart visually projects the progress of the various activities and tasks that make up your project to monitor its progress (to do list, delays, expansion, deadlines...)
  • it allows to understand the profitability of projects, to have a global vision, by Business Unit and by project in real time.

The Artisanner Project Management software allows you to:

  • to facilitate the collection, dissemination and synthesis of information.
  • define workflows to optimize the management of your projects.
  • to structure your projects according to their different phases.
  • to monitor the margin rate by activity, agency, customer.

Why choose Artisanner project management software?

it is a powerful solution adapted to the VSE-SME needs, full web in SaaS mode. Our solution benefits from the experience built over 25 years by Guriansoft in business management, which is the core of its activity. You are certain of a quality support, oriented towards the total satisfaction of our customers, through our available and competent teams throughout the Artisanner use process.



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