A module for HR management of your company

pict_A module for HR management of your company

The Artisanner solution is a Full Web application. If your company's activity is fragmented on different sites then Artisanner can be a very good solution for you, and in particular for the entire HR management of your company. Your employees have online access to the same software for time recording, leave requests, schedule management and all your validation processes.

Artisanner is an ergonomic software that can be used by all your employees. It allows you to: 

  • plan your activities and reporting.
  • plan your employees' forecasting activities
  • to know their real activity.
  • know the expected time and the time spent on a case.
  • interface Artisanner with your payroll and accounting software.

Artisanner can bring you many benefits:

  • A full web application that allows you to access the software directly online and seamlessly from any connected or mobile desktop, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Artisanner brings together all the company's management functionalities in a single software package: time recording, leave requests, mission orders, travel expenses and schedule management as well as the entire validation process and workflow of your company.
  • All employees have a single access portal to the platform.
  • Artisanner is a software that centralizes all the data of your company for a real-time sharing, with all your employees, of the information necessary for the smooth running of your company. 

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